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Collections of links:
hetorgel The best collection of links on the www: thousands of organ links listed according to countries, organbuilders, etc.
Organ Online (German) Organs and organ builders in Germany – a huge collection!
Organ links France Organ links mainly to France but also world wide (English / French)
Organ links Italy Large linksite with mainly Italian organs and organists
Organ links USA Linksite with hundreds of links to organs, Organbuilders, organists, etc., mainly US
Richmond AGO Linksite with links to organs, Organbuilders, organists, etc., mainly US
Google organ directory Google organ index (English)
Ondamar Several links to organs world wide

Databases (international):
OHS Pipe Organ Database Huge pipe organ database of the Organ Historical Society (OHS) with ~70,000 organs from North America and worldwide
Orgbase NL Large free organ database with thousands of stoplists and pictures with search and filter functions
Organindex Large free organ database with thousands of stoplists in the style of a Wiki (in German) - unfortunately with just a poor search engine
Musique Orgues Quebec Excellent Canadian organ site (French / English) with many stoplists world wide, pictures, discography and in-depth explanations
Nomine North German organ music culture in Lower Saxony and Europe - 200 organs in North Germany and more

Associations and Platforms:
GDO Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde (Association of Friends of the Organ, Germany)
AGO American Guild of Organists (USA)
IAO Incorporated Association of Organists – Umbrella organisation for 89 affiliated organists' associations in the UK and abroad, > 6,000 members
RCCO Royal Canadian College of Organists (CDN)
Stiftung Orgelklang Foundation for the preservation of historic organs in Germany
Organ forum Organ platform (in German): huge platform about everything that has to do with playing the organ
Organ building Site of German Organbuilders, with links
Swiss Organ Portal Interface to the Swiss organ culture (in German)
Choir-Organ forum Organ and choir platform (in German): platform for organ playing and organ / choir links
St. Maria Neudorf Friends of the organ at St. Maria Neudorf (CH)
Hauptwerk The portal fir virtual pipe organs and the software "Hauptwerk"

Organ CDs / Organ Music:
OHS Catalog Organ Historical Society catalog: gigantic online shop for organ CDs, Videos and literature with a world wide range
Motette Verlag Motette-Psallite organ CDs – CDs can be ordered online at the music portal of the OrganSite.
IFO Classics IFO and Organ CDs; organ study tours – IFO CDs can be ordered online at the music portal of the OrganSite.
Aeolus Music Aeolus organ CDs in excellent recording, can be ordered online; organ database
Ambiente Audio Organ CDs of Ambiente and Gallus Sonorus, can be ordered online
Spektral Records Organ and classical CDs, can be ordered online
Auris Subtilis Organ and classical CDs
Priory Priory organ CDs with online shop
Guild Guild organ CDs with online shop
Zarex Zarex / ProOrgano CDs with online shop
fluteceleste on YouTube Many organ music videos and stop demonstrations by and with Stefan Weist (alias fluteceleste)
Orgelkonzerte Site of the Dutch National Broadcasting Organisation with hundreds of downloadable organ concerts
Musica religiosa online Dutch Site (also in English) with online organ music
Pleasure of the pipes Enjoy great pictures and sound on an armchair tour of over 80 of the finest organs in the Netherlands

Magazines / books / sheet music:
Organ Organ Journal for the Organ - Journal for organ specialists and organ friends (German)
Trierer Orgelpunkt Organ point Trier with lots of information not only on organs (German)
St. Benno Verlag A selection of gift ideas and books on organs can be found at Vivat!
Delatour France Books, scrores, sheet music, pedagogy and multimedia
Orgelsolo Noten Sheet music distribution – Martin Berger (German)
Pape-Verlag Berlin publishing company specialised on organ literature (German)
Laaber-Verlag A publishing company specialized on music: "Lexikon der Orgel" (in German only) - a really comprehensive work!
Timbres (Organ park) Timbres – magazine of the organ park Amsterdam that intends to bring the organ nearer to music interested people by a new presentation (Dutch)
Musikverlag Carl Sacred and secular choral music and choral works with orchestra and organ accompaniment (German)
Organ Music in Bulgaria Book: 'Organ Music in Bulgaria' including all Bulgarian organs by Ph.D. Pavel V. Madzharov

Organs in general:
Organ Dream – Harald Staub Sponsor of the OrganSite:

Wikipedia Online encyclopedia – all about pipe organs
Pipedreams A lot of organ information pictures and links world wide
Theme portal "Church music" Theme portal "Church music" of the Music information center (MIZ - German!) – organs, organ music, organ builder
Organ stops List of all organ stops
Organ blog Extensive organ blog of Chris Van Doodewaard with many pictures, videos and stoplists
Organ Galleries Winterfeldt Many nice organ pictures, some of them with stoplists
Orgel Diehl Homepage of Thomas Diehl (a living organ encyclopedia ;-) with actual organ information and guessing game (German)
Organ Info Homepage of voicer Rainer Janke with interesting informationen on organs and pipes (in German)
Brackhane's organ info 7,000 organ entrys (stoplists on demand) and general organ information (in German)
Der kleine Musikuss A noce collection of interesting things about keys... with a brilliant video selection :-)
Günter Pausch Midi - organ pedals - keyboards - touchscreens - Midi consoles, Midi electronics etc.
Dutch Organ Tours Dutch organ tours
Theatre organs Nice article about theatre organs with interesting links from a company that actually sells theatre seats

National organ links:
Germany Portal with thousands of links to German churches, organs, organ builders and organists
Organ online Organs in Germany
North Germany - Nomine Nomine - Organs in the areas of Ostfriesland, Oldenburg, Stade and Lüneburg
Germany - OWL Hans-Werner Coordes' organ site with organs in Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Germany - Allgäu Förderverein Allgäuer Orgelbau e.V. - Organs and organ builders in the Allgäu
France Ministry of Culture: extensive collection of links to French organs
France - Alsace More than 1,200 organs mainly in the Alsace
Netherlands - Kerkorgel Huge link collection to organs, churches and organ builders in The Netherlands and also to international organ-related sites
Netherlands - Orgelsite Large and very nice collection of organs in The Netherlands and world wide
Denmark Extensive collection of Danish organs
Switzerland Collection of Swiss organs
Switzerland - C.A. Schleppy Extensive collection of mainly Swiss organs but also with worldwide links
Luxemburg Collection of organs in Luxemburg
Slovak Republic Collection of Slovak organs
Italy Extensive collection of Italian organs
USA List of interesting organs in the US
USA Twin Cities American Guild of Organists – organ database with more than 300 organ stoplists
USA - New York New York City American Guild of Organists – organ database New York
USA - Philadelphia FTP server with information on organs in the Philadelphia area
USA - Grand Rapids Organs in and around Grand Rapids
USA - Atlantic City Atlantic City Convention Hall organ
USA - Theatre organs (ATOS) Stoplists of all important theatre organs in the US
USA - Theatre organs Theater organs (but not only), mainly US
Australia - OHTA The most important organs in Australia
New Zealand Extensive information on the organ at Christchurch, many links
Brazil Organs in Brazil

Pipe Organbuilders – some with extensive archives:
Karl Schuke, Berlin Sponsor of the OrganSite:

Karl Schuke Karl Schuke Organbuilders, Berlin (Germany)
Klais Klais Organbuilders, Bonn (Germany)
Seifert Seifert Organbuilders, Kevelaer (Germany)
Freiburger Orgelbau Freiburger Orgelbau Hartwig und Tilmann Späth OHG, March-Hugstetten (Germany)
Jehmlich Jehmlich Organbuilders, Dresden (Germany)
Sandtner Hubert Sandtner Organbuilders, Dillingen (Germany)
Kutter Bernhard Kutter Organbuilder, Friedrichroda (Germany)
Eule Eule Organbuilders, Bautzen (Germany)
Fleiter Fleiter Organbuilders, Münster (Germany)
Jann Thomas Jann Organbuilder, Laberweinting (Germany)
Schmid Gerhard / Gunnar Schmid Organbuilder, Kaufbeuren (Germany)
Vleugels Vleugels Organbuilders, Hardheim/Odenwald (Germany)
Schuke Potsdam Schuke Organbuilders, Potsdam (Germany)
Beckerath Rudolf von Beckerath Organbuilders, Hamburg (Germany)
Winterhalter Claudius Winterhalter Organbuilders, Oberharmersbach (Germany)
Waldkircher Orgelbau Waldkircher Organbuilders Jäger & Brommer, Waldkirch (Germany)
Eisenbarth Wolfgang Eisenbarth Organbuilder, Passau (Germany)
Hey Hey Organbuilders, Ostheim/Rhön (Germany)
Sauer Sauer Organbuilders, Frankfurt/Oder (Germany)
EF Walcker EF Walcker Organbuilder, Saarbrücken (Germany)
Weimbs Weimbs Organbuilders, Hellenthal (Germany)
Glatter-Götz Glatter-Götz Organbuilders, Owingen (Germany)
Rensch Rensch Organbuilders, Lauffen/Neckar (Germany)
Oppel Orgelbau Oppel, Schmallenberg-Gellinghausen (Germany)
Lenter Lenter Organbuilders, Sachsenheim near Ludwigsburg (Germany)
Tilman Trefz Tilman Trefz Organbuilder, Stuttgart (Germany)
Reichenstein Reichenstein (Oberlinger & Hammer) Organbuilders, Windesheim / Hannover (Germany)
Marcussen Marcussen & Son Organbuilders, Aabenraa (Denmark)
Rieger Rieger Organbuilders, Schwarzach (Austria)
Mathis Mathis Organbuilders, Näfels (Switzerland)
Kuhn Kuhn Organbuilders, Männedorf (Switzerland)
Felsberg Felsberg Organbuilders, Felsberg (Switzerland)
Van den Heuvel Van-den-Heuvel Organbuilders, Dordrecht (The Netherlands)
Flentrop Flentrop Organbuilders, Zaandam (The Netherlands)
Kern Daniel Kern Organbuilder, Strasbourg (France)
Grenzing Gerhard Grenzing Organbuilder, Barcelona (Spain)
Blancafort Blancafort Organbuilder, Colbató (Spain)
Mander Mander Organbuilders, London (Great Britain)
GO Organ Builders GO Organ Builders Ltd. (Great Britain)
Neiland Paul Neiland & Associates Organbuilders, Wexford (Ireland)
Rieger-Kloss Rieger-Kloss Organbuilders, Krnov (Czech Republik)
Ruffatti Fratelli Ruffatti Organbuilders, Padua (Italy)
Mascioni Mascioni Organbuilders, Azzio (Italy)
Casavant Casavant Frères Organbuilders, St. Hyacinthe (Canada)
Wolff Wolff et Associés Organbuilders, Laval (Canada)
Gober Gober Organbuilders, Elora (Canada)
Létourneau Orgues Létourneau Ltée, St. Hyacinthe (Canada)
Aeolian-Skinner Skinner / Aeolian-Skinner organ archives, original stoplists (USA)
Schantz Schantz Organbuilders, Orrville (USA)
Fisk Fisk Organ Builders, Gloucester (USA)
Wicks Wicks Organ Company, Highland (USA)
Octave Octave Organs, Waco (USA) - specialized in building positive organs and small organs to accompany baroque ensembles
Estey Estey organ archives with some original stoplists (USA)
New Zealand Organs New Zealand Organ Manufactory, Oamaru (NZL)
VAGI Ltd. VAGI Ltd. organ builder, Budapest (HU)

Ian Tracey Ian Tracey, GB, professor, concert organist and organist at the Anglican Cathedral and St. George's Hall, Liverpool (GB)
Wolfgang Sieber Wolfgang Sieber, CH, concert organist and organist at the Collegiate Church, Lucerne (CH)
Barbara Dennerlein Barbara Dennerlein, D, jazz blues and improvisations on hammond and pipe organ - stunning!
Christoph Keller Christoph Keller, D, concert organist and organist at St. Lutwinus, Mettlach (D). Homepage with sound samples and online CD-order
Jürgen Geiger Jürgen Geiger, D, concert organist and crganist in Munich. Homepage with sound samples
Christian Ott Christian Ott, F, professor, concert organist and titulaire of the Clicquot-/Cavaillé-Coll organ at Versailles Cahtedral (F)
Andreas Sieling Andreas Sieling, D, professor, concert organist and Titular of the Berlin Cathedral (D)
Hans-Dieter Karras Hans-Dieter Karras, D, organist, cembalist, pianist, conductor, composer, journalist and church musician at the Monastery Church at Brunswick-Riddagshausen (D)
Aya Yoshida Aya Yoshida, J / D, concert organist and lecturer
Hans Uwe Hielscher Hans Uwe Hielscher, D, concert organist and organist at the Market Church, Wiesbaden (D)
Ann-Helena Schlüter Ann-Helena Schlüter, D, German concert organist, pianist and blogger
Christian von Blohn Christian von Blohn, D, concert organist and organist at St. Ingbert / St. Hildegard
Stefan Kießling Stefan Kießling, D, concert organist and Assistant Organist at the Thomas church, Leipzig
Jürgen Wolf Jürgen Wolf, D, concert organist and Organist at the Nikolai church, Leipzig
Ton Koopman Ton Koopman, NL, concert organist
Wolfgang Seifen Wolfgang Seifen, D, professor, concert organist and Titular of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin (D)
Dirk Elsemann Dirk Elsemann, D, concert organist and organist at the Holy Cross Church, Berlin (Wilmersdorf). Interesting homepage with many sound samples
Christian Bischof Christian Bischof, D, concert organist and organist at the Augustiner church, Würzburg (D)
Christian Schmitt-Engelstadt Christian Schmitt-Engelstadt, D, concert organist and organist at the Luther Church, Worms, organ teacher at the music adacemies Mainz and Frankfurt
Kristiaan Seynhave Kristiaan Seynhave, B, concert organist and organist at the Basilica of the Holy Heart in Brussels-Koekelberg
Ton Reijnaerdts Ton Reijnaerdts, NL, concert organist
Arjan Breukhoven Arjan Breukhoven, NL, concert organist, concert pianist and conductor
Florian Pagitsch Florian Pagitsch, A, concert organist and pianist
Tim Rishton Tim Rishton, GB, concert organist, organ professor and author
Guy-Baptiste Jaccottet Guy-Baptiste Jaccottet, CH, concert organist and organist at La Tour-de-Peilz, Théâtre Barnabé and Saint-François, Lausanne (CH)
Pilar Cabrera Pila Cabrera, E, concert organist and organist at the Sun Organ at Marbella (E). Homepage with sound samples
Felix Marangoni Felix Marangoni, I, Organist, Cembalist und Musikwissenschaftler
Giampaolo Di Rosa Giampaolo Di Rosa, I, concert organist and organist at S. Antonio dei Portoghesi in Rome (I)
Dan Miller Dan Miller, USA
Hector Olivera Hector Olivera, USA, international acclaimed concert organist
Carol Williams Carol Williams, USA, concert organist and organist at the Spreckels organ, San Diego
Felix Hell Felix Hell, USA / D, concert organist
Paul Derrett Paul Derrett, UK, concert organist
John Scott Whiteley John Scott Whiteley, UK, organist and composer
D'Arcy Trinkwon D'Arcy Trinkwon, UK, concert organist
Martin Setchell Martin Setchell, NZL, concert organist
John Belinguier John Belinguier, F, organist with his orgue de salon
Int. Archives for Jazz Organ All about Jazz organists and their music - by Jürgen Wolf

Non-Organ Links:
Bach and the Organ Sponsor of the OrganSite: