News archives September-October 2005


New Stoplists:
- D, Berlin (Spandau), St. Nikolai - 76 ranks (source: CD, brochure, St. Nikolai homepage)
- D, Bielefeld, St. Jodokus - 64 ranks (source: brochure, St. Jodokus homepage)
- S, Stockholm, Katarina Kyrka - 85 ranks (source: Van-den-Heuvel homepage)

Updated Stoplists:
è D, Berlin (Charlottenburg), Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche - 99 ranks (source: brochure)
- D, Luckau, St. Nikolai - 68 ranks (source: CD, brochure)

Additions to the main list:
è Inserted D, Berlin (Reinickendorf), Dorfkirche Alt-Reinickendorf - 16 ranks (source: console)
- Inserted D, Mittweida, Stadtkirche - 98 ranks (source: fax / email organist)
è Inserted D, Potsdam, Erlöserkirche - 57 ranks (source: console / brochure)


New Stoplists:
- D, Bad Säckingen, Münster St. Fridolin (Hauptorgel) - 80 ranks (source: brochure)
è D, Brandenburg, Dom St. Peter und Paul - 49 ranks (source: CD, brochure)
- D, Braunschweig, St. Katharinen - 84 ranks (source: brochure)
- D, Fankfurt/Oder, Konzerthalle C.P.E. Bach - 75 ranks (source: brochure)
- D, Lüneburg, St. Johannis - 85 ranks (source: CD)
- D, Marienstatt, Abteikirche - 91 ranks (source: CD / Abtei homepage)
è D, Stuttgart, Musikhochschule - 105 ranks (source: Rieger homepage)
- D, Wittenberg, Stadtkirche - 80 ranks (source: CD, brochure)
- I, Trebaseleghe, Chiesa Arcipretale di S. Maria - 84 ranks (source: letter Stefano Corti)
è J, Tokyo, Metropolitan Art Space Concert Hall (Hauptorgel) - 89 ranks (source: Geigeki homepage, Osiris archive)
è NL, Alkmaar, Sint Laurenskerk - 87 ranks (source: CD / Pipeorg essays)
- S, Stockholm, Högalid Kyrka - 84 ranks (source: brochure)
- S, Stockholm, Domkyrka - 82 ranks (source: brochure)
- S, Stockholm, Matteus Kyrka - 76 ranks (source: brochure)
- USA, Delaware, Wesleyan University Gray Chapel - 82 ranks (source: brochure)

Plus 70 stoplists of mid- and low-size organs with less than 75 ranks!

Additions to the main list:
- Inserted CH, Sankt Gallen, St. Maria Neudorf - 93 ranks (source: letter Maria-Neudorf)
- Inserted D, Halle, Georg Friedrich Haendel Halle - 79 ranks (source: brochure)
è Inserted D, Landshut, Dominikanerkirche - 104 ranks (source: email organist)
- Inserted D, München, St. Peter - 80 ranks (source: brochure)
- Inserted I, Cremona, Duomo - 70 ranks (source: letter Stefano Corti)
- Inserted I, Genovna, Immacolata Concezione - 69 ranks (source: letter Stefano Corti)
- Inserted I, Roma (Rom), Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano (Laterans-Basilika) - 54 ranks(source: letter Stefano Corti)
è Inserted I, Varese, Basilica di S. Vittore - ca. 64 ranks (source: email Mascioni / Brief Stefano Corti)
è Inserted J, Tokyo, Metropolitan Art Space Concert Hall (Barockorgel) - 52 ranks (source: Geigeki homepage, Osiris archive)
è Inserted J, Tokyo, Metropolitan Art Space Concert Hall (Renaissanceorgel) - 43 ranks (source: Geigeki homepage, Osiris archive)
- Inserted SK, Šaštín-Stráže (Sastin), Bazilika Sedembolestnej Panny Márie - 120 ranks (source: book / email Rieger-Kloss)

Plus 20 stoplists of mid- and low-size organs with less than 75 ranks inserted


New Stoplists:
- AUS, Adelaide, Town Hall - 85 ranks (source: Adelaide Town Hall homepage)
è AUS, Fremantle, St. Patrick's Chathedral - 91 ranks (source: Muldersoft homepage, IOF database)
- AUS, Melbourne, The Scot's Church - 87 ranks (source: Rieger homepage)
- AUS, Melbourne, Victorian Arts Center Concert Hall - 84 ranks (source: Casavant homepage)
- USA, Buffalo, St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral - 89 ranks (source: OHS book)
- USA, Buffalo, Trinity Episcopal Church - 84 ranks (source: OHS book)
- USA, Buffalo, Westminster Presbyterian Church - 84 ranks (source: OHS book)
- USA, College Place, Walla Walla College Church - 89 ranks (source: IOF database)
- USA, Morrow, Clayton State College - Spivey Hall - 79 ranks (source: brochure)
- USA, Rochester, University Strong Auditorium - 89 ranks (source: Aeolian-Skinner archive, Osiris archive)
- USA, San Francisco, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral - 89 ranks (source: brochure / book Hielscher)
- USA, Springfield, St. Michael's Cathedral - 90 ranks (source: American Classic Organ homepage)
- USA, Waco, Baylor University - Roxy Grove Concert Hall - 63 ranks (source: brochure)
- USA, Wichita, University - Wiedemann Hall - 86 ranks (source: Marcussen homepage)

Updated Stoplists:
- USA, Buffalo, St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral - 93 ranks (source: OHS book)
- USA, Cincinnati, Hyde Park Methodist Church - 88 ranks (source: Casavant homepage)

Additions to the main list:
è Inserted USA, Chattanooga, St. Paul's Episcopal Church - 94 ranks (source: Casavant homepage)
- Inserted USA, Hickory, First Baptist Church - 109 ranks (source: Casavant homepage)


New Stoplists:
- D, Beckum, Probsteikirche St. Stephanus - 71 ranks (source: fax Stockmann / Ars Organi)
- D, Berlin (Mitte), St. Marien - 69 ranks (source: brochure / Buch (Pape))
- D, Berlin (Spandau), St. Marien - 48 ranks (source: console / Am Benitz homepage)
- D, Recklinghausen, St. Paul - 74 ranks (source: fax Stockmann)
è I, Brescia, Cattedrale (Duomo Nuovo) - 80 ranks (source: Mascioni homepage)
- I, Gallarate, S. Maria Assunta - 80 ranks (source: Mascioni homepage)
- I, Montevergine, Santuario - 74 ranks (source: Mascioni homepage)
- I, Roma (Rom), Santa Maria Maggiore - 87 ranks (source: Mascioni homepage)
è PAL, Bethlehem, Geburtskirche St. Catherina - 71 ranks (source: brochure, Rieger homepage)
- S, Helsingborg, St:a Maria Kyrka (Dom) - 81 ranks (source: letter Marcussen)
- USA, Fort Collins, First United Methodist Church - 62 ranks (source: letter Marcussen)
- USA, Kalamazoo, First Baptist Church - 69 ranks (source: Orgues, Organistes homepage)
- USA, Pittsburgh, First Presbyterian Church - 77 ranks (source: Casavant homepage)

Updated stoplists:
è CHI, Beijing, Concert Hall - 88 ranks (source: email Rieger-Kloss)
- H_Budapest_MatyasTemplom - 143 ranks (source: email Rieger-Kloss)

Additions to the main list:
- Inserted A, Wien, ORF - Großer Sendesaal - 86 ranks (source: fax Schuke)
è Inserted CAN, Toronto, St. James Cathedral - 89 ranks (source: St. James homepage)
- Inserted D, Potsdam, Friedenskirche - 61 ranks (source: Woehl Orgelprojekte homepage)
- Inserted EST, Tallinn (Reval),St. Nicholas (ehem. Auditorium) - 91 ranks (source: email Rieger-Kloss)
- Inserted I, Assisi, S. Maria degli Angeli - 88 ranks (source: email Mascioni)
- Inserted I, Fano, S. Maria Nuova - 84 ranks (source: email Mascioni)
- Inserted I, Torino (Turin), Basilica S. Cuore di Maria - 93 ranks (source: email Mascioni)
- Inserted I, Trieste (Triest), S. Antonio Nuovo - 87 ranks (source: email Mascioni)
- Inserted KAZ, Alma-Ata, Palace of Culture (Kulturpalast) - 110 ranks (source: email Rieger-Kloss)
- Inserted SK, Bratislava (Pressburg), Slovak Broadcasting Corp. (Rundfunk) - 120 ranks (source: email Rieger-Kloss)
- Deleted CAN, Toronto, University - 81 ranks: Organ was sold in 1995 to Alan T. Jackson Comp. and obviously dismantled (source: letter Casavant)


Had to reduce the number of organ stoplists and photos available online as my webspace was full. The stoplists and photos now missing online are still available on CD-ROM, though. If you're interested in those you can order them online using the online order form.

Spent a lot of time doing research on all those organs - which resulted in the most exhaustive "Largest Organs" list and the largest collection of organ pictures in the www. This has cost me some money in the past, e.g. phone calls abroad, faxes, postage and, of course, webspace and translation fees. All this information for just 10.– EUR / 12.– US$ still is a very reasonable price – plus: you will have all the stoplists not only in HTML format but also in Excel which means you can work on them.

English translation of the md sound design loudspeaker homepage is online now

New stoplists:
è D, Basedow, Dorfkirche - 46 ranks (source: CD / brochure)
è D, Frankfurt / Main, St. Justinus - 56 ranks (source: CD)
è D, Leipzig, Thomaskirche (Bach-Orgel) - 84 ranks (source: CD, Orgelprojekte homepage)
è D, Memmingen, St. Martin - 82 ranks (source: CD, email organist)
è F, Alpe d'Huez Notre-Dame des Neiges - 37 ranks (source: CD)
è F, Saint-Maximin-en-Provence, Basilique du Couvent Royal - 70 ranks (source: CD)
- F, Toul, Cathédale Saint-Etienne - 95 ranks (source: email Gaupillat / Gaupillat homepage)
è E, Santanyí, Sant Andreu - 78 ranks (source: CD)


English translation of the About Me section is online now

New stoplists:
- A, Dornbirn, Stadtpfarrkirche St. Martin - 89 ranks (source: Osiris archive / Kuhn homepage)
- CH, Einsiedeln, Benediktinerabtei (Mauritiusorgel) - 84 ranks (source: email Mathis / Mathis homepage)
è CH, Einsiedeln, Benediktinerabtei (Marienorgel) - 53 ranks (source: Mathis homepage)
- CH, Zürich, St. Peter und Paul - 84 ranks (source: email Felix Gubser / homepage)
- D, Essen, Philharmonie im Saalbau - 85 ranks (source: Kuhn homepage / Philharmonie-Essen homepage)
- D, Görlitz, St. Peter und Paul (Sonnenorgel) - 85 ranks (source: CD / Mathis homepage)
- D, Minden, Dom - 83 ranks (source: CD / Kuhn homepage)
è D, Osnabrück, Dom St. Petrus - 71 ranks (source: Kuhn homepage)
è PL, Gdansk (Danzig), Bazylika Mariacka (St. Marien) - 69 ranks (source: email Marek Michalak / CD)
è USA, Roselle, Trinity Lutheran Church - 64 ranks (Sourc: email Sue Knitter / Rieger-Kloss homepage)


List has been expanded by more than 700 organs with <85 ranks.
The list will grow less and less exhaustive as there are more organs with less voices / ranks and worldwide research gets more and more difficult. I decided to still go ahead so I could introduce some smaller but very interesting organs.

As to the completeness of information you may expect:
• 120 ranks or more: approx. 99%
• 95 - 120 ranks: approx. 95%
• 85 - 95 ranks: approx. 85%
• less than 85 ranks: less and less

New stoplists:
- B, Brügge, Sint-Salvator Kathedraal - 84 ranks (source: IOF database)
- CH, Aarau, Stadtkirche - 98 ranks (source: Stadtkirche homepage, email Hans Häusermann)
- CH, Basel, Stadtcasino, Musiksaal - 70 ranks (source: fax Stadtcasino)
è D, Achern, Christuskirche - 25 ranks (source: console, Orgel archive homepage)
è D, Berlin, Glaubenskirche - 67 ranks (source: console, book (Pape))
è D, Berlin, Grunewaldkirche - 76 ranks (source: console, brochure)
è D, Berlin, Lutherkirche am Dennewitzplatz - 60 ranks (source: console, Orgue Free homepage)
è D, Berlin, St. Ludwig - 66 ranks (source: console, St. Ludwig homepage)
è D, Berlin (Reinickendorf), St. Marien - 53 ranks (source: console, brochure)
è D, Berlin, St. Paulus Dominikanerkloster - 73 ranks (source: console, brochure)
è D, Berlin, Zwölf-Apostel-Kirche - 60 ranks (source: console, 12-Apostel-Kirche homepage)
è D, Bonn, St. Elisabeth - 68 ranks (source: email Klais, IOF database)
è D, Braunschweig, St. Ägidien - 69 ranks (source: console, brochure)
è D, Braunschweig, St. Ulrici Brüdern - 54 ranks (source: console, CD, brochure)
è D, Breisach, St. Stephans-Münster - 51 ranks (source: console)
è D, Bühl, Stadtpfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul - 71 ranks (source: console, brochure, Ars Organi)
- D, Halle, Marktkirche - 82 ranks (source: fax Schuke)
- D, Lindau, Münster Unserer Lieben Frau (Stiftskirche) - 80 ranks (source: CD, organist, Münsterkirche homepage)
è D, Norden, St. Ludgeri - 77 ranks (source: console, CD, brochure)
è D, Nürnberg, St. Martha - 40 ranks (source: console, CD)
è D, Ottersweier, St. Johannes - 44 ranks (source: console)
è D, Ottobeuren, Abtei (Dreifaltigkeitsorgel) - 73 ranks (source: console, CD, brochure)
è D, Pfronten, Auferstehungskirche - 33 ranks (source: console)
- D, Saarbrücken, St. Johann Basilika - 83 ranks (source: Mayer homepage, Orgeln in Saarbrücken homepage)
è D, Tangermünde, St. Stephan - 56 ranks (source: console, CD)
è DK, Nykøbing, Klosterkirke - 55 ranks (source: console, CD)
è DK, Stege, St. Hans Kirke - 34 ranks (source: console)
- F, Paris, Saint-Louis des Invalides - 81 ranks (source: CD, Manufacteures-Orgues homepage, Orgue Free homepage)
è F, Ribeauvillé, Saint-Grégoire - 60 ranks (source: console, CD)
è F, Senlis, Cathédrale Notre-Dame - 76 ranks (source: email Francis Coqueau)
è F, Strasbourg (Straßburg), Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Protestant - 57 ranks (source: console, CD)
- GB, Belfast, St. Anne's Cathedral - 71 ranks (source: IOF database)
- GB, Berverley, Minster - 78 ranks (source: organ study tour handbook Hielscher)
- GB, Chester, Cathedral - 80 ranks (source: CD, organ study tour handbook Hielscher)
- GB, Liverpool, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King - 80 ranks (source: Liverpool Cath. Organ homepage)
- I, Roma (Rom), S. Giovanni Bosco - 82 ranks (source: Organo-Info homepage, Orgue Free homepage)
- J, Miyazaki, Prefectural Arts Center Concert Hall - 84 ranks (source: Suto homepage)
- USA, New York, Church of St. Francis of Assisi - 88 ranks (source: AGO New York homepage)
- USA, New York, Church of St. Mary the Virgin - 91 ranks (source: AGO New York homepage)
- USA, New York, Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist - 98 ranks (source: AGO New York homepage)
- USA, New York, Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall - 86 ranks (source: CD, Lincoln Center homepage, AGO New York homepage)
- USA, New York, St. James Episcopal Church - 102 ranks (source: AGO New York homepage)
è USA, New York, St. Thomas (Kleine Orgel) - 33 ranks (source: console, brochure)
è USA, Seattle, Benaroya Hall - 84 ranks (source: email Fisk, Fisk homepage)

Updated stoplists:
è D, Marburg, St. Elisabeth (new organ under construction!) - 74 ranks (source: email Klais)
- USA, NewYork, St. George's Episcopal Church - 95 ranks (source: AGO New York homepage)


New stoplists:
è B, Brussel (Brüssel), Cathédrale Saint Michel et Gudule - 83 ranks (source: CD, Grenzing homepage)
è CHI, Beijing, ConcertHall - 92 ranks (source: Rieger-Kloss homepage)
- D, Kirchheim unter Teck, Stadtkirche St. Martin - 90 ranks (source: email Rensch)
è P, Porto, Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lapa - 86 ranks (source: Jann homepage)
- PL, Jelenia Góra (Hirschberg), Kosciól garnizonowy (Garnisons- / Kath. Pfarrkirche) - 89 ranks (source: Organy Art homepage)
è PL, Lódz (Lodz), Najswietszego Serca Jezusowego - 90 ranks (source: Organy Art homepage)
- S, Karlstad, Domkyrka - 89 ranks (source: email Stefan Lindström)

Updated stoplists:
- CAN, Montréal, Basilique de Notre-Dame - 116 ranks (source: email Casavant, brochure)
- USA, Chestnut Hill, St.Paul's Episcopal Church - 113 ranks (source: email Organist, brochure)
è USA, Dallas, Meyerson Symphony Center - 82 ranks (source: email Fisk)


New stoplists:
- H, Budapest, Alkantarai Szent Péter Ferences Templom - 91 ranks (source: email Aquincum Orgonagyár)
- H, Kalocsa, Fõszékesegyház (Kathedrale) - 88 ranks (source: email Váradi)
- S, Göteborg, Konserthus - 158 ranks (source: letter Marcussen)
- S, Malmö, St. Petri - 122 ranks (source: letter Marcussen)
- USA, Germantown, First Presbyterian Church - 122 ranks (source: FPC homepage)

New organ photos:
- D, Frankfurt / Main, Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus - 175 ranks
- D, Mainz, Dom St. Martin - 166 ranks